Surf Town Run (T) by Evelyn Jenkins Drew | Splash 10: Passionate Brushstrokes

This week, we highlight one of the winners from the Splash Watercolor art competitionSurf Town Run (T) by Evelyn Jenkins Drew.

Best of Watercolor, Surf Town Run (T) by Evelyn Jenkins Drew

Transparent watercolor on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed paper
30″ x 22″ (76cm x 56cm)

What Evelyn Jenkins Drew says about her artwork:
I live near Santa Cruz, California, where surfing and running and beautiful old cars are ingredients in the special coastal quality of life. I aspire to bring a sense of pleasure, a memory of good times and places, to my viewers. I arranged to photograph the black “woody” from a specific angle of light, and I photographed the location and a separate banana tree all at the same light angle. My technique is to pre-wet small areas and then to use many layers of smooth transparent washes to achieve a rich color saturation. I love painting little details in the chrome reflections that come as delayed surprises, such as the runner reflected in the hubcap and the black fender. I save these delicious details until the end of the painting as a sort of artistic dessert!

Evelyn Jenkins Drew’s piece Surf Town Run (T) appeared in Splash 10: Celebrating Artistic Vision, published by North Light Books in 2008. Enter the art competition here for your chance to appear in the next Splash art book & win other prizes.

Splash 10, The Best of Watercolor



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