A Driving Force by Cathy Sheeter | Strokes of Genius 3: Fresh Perspectives

The Strokes of Genius art competition has brought out some great art and artists, including Cathy Sheeter’s A Driving Force, featured in Strokes of Genius 3: Fresh Perspectives.

Best of Drawing, A Driving Force by Cathy Sheeter

Scratchboard art on Ampersand Scratchbord panel | 10″ x 8″ (25cm x 20cm)

Here’s what Cathy Sheeter says about her artwork:
I created this work using the direct engraving process of scratchboard, scraping away black ink to reveal the white clay layer below. My primary scratching tool is a surgical scalpel, which leaves very fine lines. I usually work from photo references and was attracted to this Friesian stallion’s dramatic flowing mane, though I took artistic liberty to also add a flowing forelock. I try to create work that brings the viewer into the image and engages them to take a closer look at all the tiny scratches that make up the work and all the different textures.

Cathy Sheeter’s piece A Driving Force appeared in Strokes of Genius 3: Fresh Perspectives, published by North Light Books in 2011. Enter the competition here for your chance to appear in Strokes 5 & win other prizes!

Strokes of Genius: The Best in Drawing Competition

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