A Discussion and a Demo on Customized Art Tools

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As part of her research for an upcoming North Light project, author Lisa Cyr wants to hear from you. What types of unique and customized tools are you using in your artwork? She has identified three categories that most unconventional tools fall into: altered tools—traditional painting tools that have been modified in some way; repurposed tools—non-art tools that have been adapted for art making; and custom tools—tools
made up of everyday materials that don’t fall into the other

  • How have you altered your traditional painting tools to make unique marks on the painting surface?
  • What
    tools have you repurposed from other industries (culinary,
    construction, fashion, etc.) for use in your paintings? How have they
    enhanced your art?
  • What custom tools (tools that have not been altered or repurposed) have you created using everyday materials? What effects have you been able to achieve?

Click here for a free demonstration on how to create a customized painting tool!

CHAP 3-Demo 4-3Bweb.jpg

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One thought on “A Discussion and a Demo on Customized Art Tools

  1. Don Rogers

    That is a great idea Lisa!!! I do a similar tech with the small sponge paint rollers from Walmart ( the fuzzy ones really didn’t work so well) and over a pencil rendering, workable fix and a thin layer of colorful acrylic color, let dry and then I roll a thin layer of gouache, let it dry and then lift off the color to make a full toned painting. That is an overly simplistic explaination but give it a try.