Art travel tips needed!

Dear blog readers,

In just a little more than a week I will be leaving the Queen City behind for a week’s vacation in Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. I have a few favorite spots in Portland from my last visit, but this will be my first time in SFO. If you have any suggestions (for either city) of museums, galleries and other oddities that I must see, please post them in the comments!

When I get back, you can bet there’ll be boatloads of photos.

xo Grace

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2 thoughts on “Art travel tips needed!

  1. Teresa

    We really enjoyed the Asian Art Museum – more Buddhas than I’d ever seen in one building – when we were in SF. It’s at the corner of McAllister and Hyde (catty-corner from the City Hall, I think). The building itself is spectacular.

    We never made it to the Cartoon Art Museum, but if you manage to go, I would love to see your photos! That place is approximately at Mission and 3rd St.

    Have a total blast!! I miss the West Coast.