Basic Texturing Techniques

Scraping—Lines are scratched in a dry wash with a razor blade. This is a good way to add highlights.

Bruising—A stylus is stroked over the surface of a moist wash which compresses the paper surface and causes the pigment to gather into dark lines.

Scraping—A blunt tool through an almost dry wash will push pigment aside, forming light streaks.

Water spatter spots—Created when fine water drops are flicked into a moist wash. For a controlled spatter, flick a moist, paint-filled brush off your finger tip. Keep it close to the paper surface.

Lifting—A clean, damp, blotted brush is pressed into a moist wash to “lift” away pigment.

Blotting (1)—A facial tissue is crumpled and gently rolled through a moist wash, leaving a random pattern.

Blotting (2)—A textured paper towel is folded into several thicknesses and gently pressed into a moist wash.

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