Bonus Articles from the July/August 2012 issue of The Artist’s Magazine

Letter from the editor:

Limits of Illusion
I remember vividly the first time I encountered Lucian Freud’s pictures. Uncompromising, corporeal, they almost repelled me. Now that I’m older, I understand the bravery behind the artist’s relentless gaze. Freud didn’t see painting as craft or artifice. He wanted his paintings “to feel like people and the paint to feel like flesh.” Jerry N. Weiss examines Freud’s vehement legacy in “Naked Truth.” It would be a mistake, however, to think that art is authentic only if it’s raw. Jaye Schlesinger’s humorous renditions of shopping bags have their own authority (“In the Bag”), as do Carl Samson’s deft portraits that convey a sunlit sense of space (“Blending Different Strokes”), as exemplified by the lovely Girl Sketching on our cover.

In addition, in this double issue, incomparable draftsman Ephraim Rubenstein explains the technique of wax resist (“Art Among the Ruins”); Crystal Michaelson shows how she lyrically mixes media in collage and assemblage (“Dynamics of Design”); John N. Agnew imparts a lesson in zoology as well as in scratchboard (“Scratching for Detail”); and Koo Schadler offers a primer on the color black (Color Corner). Finally Stephen Quiller brings a little-known Scottish watercolorist, Arthur Melville, to enchanting light in “On the Trail of a Master.”

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More Questions and Answers on Copyright Law
Attorney Leonard D. DuBoff explains some of the nuances of artists’ rights.

Watch Free Video Previews
• Check out the instruction in Stephen Quiller’s two videos: Acrylics: A Watercolor Approach: Stephen Quiller Paints a Landscape and Acrylic Landscapes.

Arthur Melville and His Influence
Read about the influence Melville exerted on the Glasgow School.

Ways to Map the Figure
• Find Robert T. Barrett’s lesson on the envelope block-in method.

Portrait Artist Carl Samson
• Working With Facial Planes: See how Samson wields both a brush and a palette knife’s blade to convey three-dimensional facial structure.
• Learn about how Samson created Padme Resplendent With Naboo Mandala, which he painted for the book Star Wars Art: Visions.

More About Black
Read Koo Schadler’s comprehensive list of black pigments.

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Competition Spotlight
View the winning paintings of the 28th Annual Art Competition.

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