Bonus Articles from the June 2012 Issue of The Artist’s Magazine

“Dog Days,” A Letter From the EditorMaureen Bloomfield The Artist's Magazine

When the poet Lord Byron was a student at Cambridge, he so objected to the university’s ban on dogs that he installed in his rooms a tame bear instead. Later, in penning the epitaph for his beloved Newfoundland, Boatswain (whose grave is bigger than the poet’s), Byron praised his dog for possessing “Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, and Courage without Ferocity,” in short, “all the virtues of Man without his Vices.” Indeed, to render a dog’s goodness—the uncomplicated expression of goofiness, grace and generosity—is harder than it seems. Three of our favorite painters—Sally Muir, Leslie Shiels and Dana Hawk—share tips for painting man’s and woman’s best friend (“Dog Daze”). Also in this issue (“Shapes of Light”), you’ll find Amy Weiskopf’s lambent still lifes (a detail of Still Life with Mozzarella, Sardines and Knife graces our cover) and Candice Bohannon’s clear-eyed renditions of the extremes of human experience (“Memento Mori”). John P. Osborne conveys a lesson in arranging a prismatic palette to convey the changing light of landscapes (“The Light Fantastic”), and Frank Satogata fuses Western and Asian approaches as he creates small paintings and larger scroll-like prints on aluminum (“Color of Wind, Sound of Water”).

In addition, you’ll find the second part of Sadie J. Valeri’s lesson in drawing the figure from life (Drawing Board) and Chris Saper’s step-by-step demonstration for painting realistic wrinkles and laugh lines (Brushing Up).

We’d love to see paintings and drawings of your favorite doggies. Post them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, and we’ll award free subscriptions to the five artists who portray the most charming canines. ~ Maureen Bloomfield

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Learn How to Prepare Copper Panels
Feature artist Candice Bohannon demonstrates her process for preparing copper panels for oil painting, step by step.

Dog Daze
Sidestepping the sentimental, three artists depict the strength and charm of Canis lupus familiaris, man’s—and woman’s—best friend in this issue. Here are some images you didn’t see in the article.

Send Us Pictures of Your Doggie
• Go to our Facebook ( and
Pinterest ( pages to download paintings of your favorite canines.

Pack the Right Gear for a Plein Air Adventure
Michael Chesley Johnson provides a list of supplies that will help you meet any exigency in the field.

Don’t Miss “Drawing the Figure, Part 1”
Get the link to our downloadable May issue, in which Sadie J. Valeri shows you how to use a straight-line block-in method to get proportions right.

Summer Program for Apprentice Artists in the Queen City
See a slide show of Cincinnati’s ArtWorks summer program.

Preview Chris Saper’s Instructional Portrait Painting DVDs:
Capturing the Beauty of Monochrome Oil Portraits
How to Paint Skin Tones in Oil
Painting Oil Portraits in Cool Light
Painting Oil Portraits in Warm Light

Competition Spotlight
View the winning paintings of the 28th Annual Art Competition.

Supply Cabinet
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