My Favorite Brushes

Here are some brushes you should consider adding to your tool box. Note: Some sizes are duplicated in brushes with different fibers, as they can be used for different techniques.

  1. DaVinci Cosmotop Mix B No. 30 is a natural hair brush that holds ample amounts of water and has enough spring in the tip for control in smaller areas.
  2. Silver Brush round mop brush (natural hair) has a broad tip and holds enough water for most applications, but its use in corners or for detailed areas is limited.
  3. No. 10 Isabey holds ample amounts of water and is very soft, but the tip can still be too large for some smaller detailed areas.
  4. 3-inch Robert Simmons White Sable Skyflow applies an even layer of water without loosing hair.
  5. DaVinci Cosmotop No. 60 Spin is a smaller, high-quality synthetic brush with less hair than the Skyflow, but holds a surprising amount of water for this convenient size.
  6. 3-inch bamboo Hake holds the most amount of water so colors seem to magically flow across the paper. The handle can be separated and broken to create smaller brushes. The disadvantage of this brush is that hair easily falls out, leaving a problem in large washes. The broad tip is best used for large areas.

Brush Guide



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