Collage on Oil

Q. Is it possible for collage pieces (made from archival paper) to be attached to an oil painting to create a mixed-media painting? If not, what’s the best way to create a collage with an oil painting base?

A. I’d have to recommend against collage when you’re working with an oil painting. Even if you use the most permanent papers available, you’ll find that the drying linseed oil in the paint and mediums will eventually discolor the paper and make it brittle.

What I would suggest is trying this mixed-media approach with alkyd paints instead; they have the appearance of oils and perform in a similar fashion, even though they dry much faster. And they don’t seem to yellow as much as oils as they age. Barring that, try using acrylic emulsion paints for collage. You’ll be much happier with the long-term results.

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