Colored Pencil Success

Colored pencil art isn’t as easy as it looks. So follow these tips for making your colored pencil work sensational:

  • Resolve any design flaws by doing an initial sketch on practice paper.
  • Start with your lightest values and build up the darker values on top.
  • Darken warm color areas with umber or warm gray; darken cool color areas with indigo blue or cool gray.
  • Rarely use one color by itself. Layered color combinations provide greater interest.
  • Beware of oversaturating your paper’s surface with pigment. Once the paper’s tooth (texture) is full, no more color will stick.
  • When applied heavily, colored pencils tend to flake. Remove this residue carefully so it doesn’t get pressed into the paper in places that could ruin your final drawing.
  • Add details last, so they don’t get smeared or covered up.

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