Creating a Culinary Masterpiece

Aside from my studio, the kitchen has always been my favorite room in the house. My family has shared many happy times around the stove-cooking, laughing and just being together. To share those memories with future generations, I decided to create a family cookbook, mixing our culinary heritage with some of my watercolor sketches.

To start, I typed up our favorite recipes, along with the sources’ names, on my computer, leaving plenty of space for a small watercolor painting on each page. I printed the recipes on 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheets of thick paper.

After I added my illustrations, I made color copies of the recipes at a local print shop. The next step was to laminate each copy and punch holes in one side so the pages would fit into a three-ring binder.

For every birthday, graduation or holiday, I give copies of the cookbook so family members will have their own binder filled with recipes. They even send me new recipes or their personal favorites so I can add one of my watercolors and make copies. They then can include the pages in their cookbooks. Combining our recipes in this artistic format has created an heirloom that each of us looks forward to sharing.

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