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Koi Lazy Day.JPGLisaFrickerKoi Summer Stillness.JPG

In the April 2009 issue of the magazine, Peter Seltzer challenged artists to keep viewers engaged by repeating elements in their compositions with his Creative Spark challenge (read the article online here) and readers responded in droves.

Marie-FranceMachureaules oeufs.JPGWe’re now pleased to announce that the editors’ choice and the winner of the prize (a half-stick set of Colourfix Pastels, a Rainbow Pack of Colourfix Paper and a Colour Shaper blending set) is Lisa Fricker with her pastel diptych, Lazy Day (24×30) and Summer Stillness (24×30), which are pictured above. The artist describes the process ofMomma.jpg painting the winning works:

“The problem of moving the eye is magnified in a diptych: The intended path is from the left, where a large wedge of lily pads points toward the upper right, then down to lower right within the second panel across the lily pads, brought back to the left by an upturned edge, a brilliantly colored stem and shadow patterns on the pond’s bottom. This is followed by a back-and-forth movement across the two from the smaller Koi shapes straddling both images, and the large Koi moving upward toward a bursting lily bud and repeating the figure-8 path,” she says.

BrianBurtHOMEARAMA2.jpgOur runners up include  Marie-France Oosterhof with Eggs, Ann Marie Torrez with Momma, and Brian Mathas Burt with Home-a-Rama. To see the past winners and challenges from all our Creative Spark contests, and the current challenge, visit the Creative Spark hub on our website.

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One thought on “Creative Spark Winners

  1. José


    These works are trully amazing, showing a really good knowledge of colour properties, namely values and how the different colours relate to each other when placed side by side.

    Best regards,