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Watercolor Artist Creativity Workshop


The editors of Watercolor Artist magazine are pleased to announce the winner of our latest painting challenge! In the February 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist, Ken Call challenged readers to lift color out of their watercolor paintings to capture the allure of light. The “editors’ choice” is Carrie Waller, whose painting, Going Green (above; watercolor on paper, 18×30), was a luminous take on the challenge. The artist shares her thoughts on the painting process:

For the lifting paint challenge, I layered in my lighter colors on the bottles. I paint from the left to the right in a methodical process, finishing one section before I start another. This allows me to establish my darkest values from the beginning. I used Daniel Smith Quinophthalone Yellow to warm up the areas where the sunlight was coming through the green bottles; I used various Daniel Smith greens, including Undersea Green, Green Gold, Pthalo Green and Sap Green, around the yellows, layering in transparent layers for the light filtering through the layers of bottles. I then added the dark areas around all of the lighter parts of the bottles. For the darkest areas, I used a Daniel Smith Indigo and Sepia mixture. I added Undersea Green to my lighter greens. I blended and softened the edges to make the lighter and dark areas more cohesive. Finally, I used my size 6 synthetic brush to scrub and lift out highlights within the lighter areas. The lifting process worked beautifully to achieve the look of light pouring through the bottles.

Congratulations to Carrie and all who entered their paintings. Our talented winner will receive a copy of A Celebration of Light: Painting the Textures of Light in Watercolor by Jane Freeman.

To catch up on the Creativity Workshop exercises you’ve missed, visit our online hub and start painting!



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