Creativity Workshop: Etch-A-Sketch Responses

The editors of Watercolor Artist magazine are now pleased to announce the winner of our latest painting challenge! In the December 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, DeAnn L. Prosia challenged readers to loosen their hands and indulge their love for drawing by combining layers of line work and watercolor in one painting. The “editors’ choice” is Suhita Shirodkar, whose painting, Brooklyn Bridge (pictured above), was a striking take on the challenge. The artist shares these thoughts on the painting process:

I almost always work by combining line work with watercolor. The line comes first: it’s almost always directly in pen, loose and full of life. Watercolor comes next, but it doesn’t strictly “fill in” the line work. Like the line, it has a life of its own and is expressive of the mood of the piece. Almost all my watercolor is done wet-into-wet, with very little added later. I work from life, I work very quickly and I think both these factors help me capture the energy of the moment.

Congratulations to Shirodkar and to all those who who entered their ambitious watermedia paintings. Our esteemed winner will receive a copy of Splash 13: Alternative Approaches.

To catch up on the Creativity Workshop exercises you’ve missed visit our online hub and start painting!



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