Creativity Workshop: Paint With Abandon Responses

We’re now pleased to announce the winner of our latest painting challenge! In the August 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, artist Don Tiller invited readers to paint with abandon (read a free excerpt of the column here). Artists from around the country sent in a variety of responses to the prompt. The “editors’ choice” is Linda Franklin for her painting, Dave in Sarlat (above; watercolor on paper, 20×15).

Franklin shares these thoughts on her painting process:

“The process here involves an abstract underdrawing done in watercolor pencil with a realistic overdrawing. I began with a light radial gradation from cadmium yellow light to quinacridone violet at the edges. Then I added the realistic drawing in pencil and the underdrawing, which is based on the pattern in a geode, in a cad orange watercolor pencil.

“Next I ‘found’ the abstract drawing by using light glazes of pure hue in blue violet, cadmium orange, scarlet lake, and quinacridone violet. As I began to work on the realistic portrait, I continued to add to and intensify the abstraction. I knew the realistic part would be dominant, but I wanted to maintain the freer form of the geode as well. I selected the geode as an abstract underdrawing because the subject is an organic geologist as well as a photographer.

“I’ve been working with this combination of abstraction and realism for some months now in an attempt to loosen my rather tight style. It works best if the realistic drawing isn’t too detailed. I feel I’m having some success, but I’m not quite as loose in this painting as I want to be.”

Congratulations to Franklin and all those who entered their watermedia paintings. Our esteemed winner will receive a copy of Splash 13: Alternative Approaches. To catch up on the Creativity Workshop exercises you’ve missed, visit our online hub and start painting!




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