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Can we get a little drum roll please? We’re now pleased to announce the winner of our latest painting challenge!

In the June 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, veteran watercolorist Judy Morris invited readers to add texture to their watercolor paintings by transferring letters or words to areas of smooth washes. (Read a free excerpt of the artist’s popular column online.) Artists from around the country sent in a remarkable variety of responses to the prompt. The “editors’ choice” is Charlotte Peterson of Central Point, Oregon, for her painting, It Had To Be You (pictured above).

Peterson shares these thoughts regarding her painting process:

“A number of years ago, a juror told me that if I wanted to get anywhere with my floral paintings, I would have to come up with something unique. One day, as I was painting in my studio with my music playing, Natalie Cole came on and the lyrics were wonderful. I realized I could put hints of lyrics, a story or a saying in the background of my paintings of flowers. It was an epiphany moment!

“It took some time to develop a tried and true technique (I’m still experimenting with different approaches), but always I find the words online; select my font and the appropriate size for my painting; paint my flower first just to be assured it’s going to be a flower that sings to me; and then print out the words and trace them unto my background using a light box or tracing paper.

“Sometimes I do a wash over the background in many different pigments before I block out the letters with frisket. Shadowing adds another dimension. I’ve also painted a background wet-into-wet and applied plastic wrap before allowing to dry. This creates some very organic shapes and textures that enhance the floral background. No matter what, I have great fun trying different techniques and approaches.”

Congratulations to Peterson and all those who entered their watercolor paintings. Our esteemed winner will receive a copy of Land, Sea & Sky, a collection of 40 articles from world-class artists in searchable CD format. Visit our Creativity Workshop online hub to catch up on all of the painting prompts you may have missed!




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