Cross Pollination

You’ve seen our new site, right? And you’ve noticed that we’re teaming up with two other fine art magazines, right? What can this union bring to us? Here are just a few things you might want to check out this afternoon:

1. Find out what copyright law means to artists with this free downloadable guide. You can’t afford to miss it.
2. Check out artist Greg Albert‘s critique of a pastel painting and find out how you can have your own work critiqued.
3. Watch a slide show that takes you inside the studio of renowned still life painter Jeanette Pasin Sloan.
4. Watch a PanPastel demo here. And then check out a whole heap of product reviews here.

5. Find out how to avoid Internet art scams here.
6. Do an art-inspired crossword puzzle and then look at all the answers.

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2 thoughts on “Cross Pollination

  1. Sarah

    Shari – I’ve fixed the link for the PanPastel demo (thanks for the heads up), but I want to be sure that you know you can find any show you like on our video player by clicking on the categories in the index. In other words, you won’t always need to the blog to get you where you’re going. We’ve got dozens of shows to choose from and we’re always adding new titles.