Draw Like the Masters

Serge Hollerbach’s work is widely recognized by the simple, essential strokes he uses to capture the personality and action of his figures. Here are a few of his secrets to sketching success:

  • Practice drawing straight instead of curved lines. “Every curve can be expressed in a succession of three or four straight lines of different lengths,” he says. Drawing this way forces you to be more precise in portraying the character of the curve.
  • Learn to see and draw angles. “All the straight lines you draw are connected to each other at different angles,” he reminds us. If your angles are correct, you’ll automatically get accurate form, perspective and gesture.
  • Draw fast. “Speed is important not only because people move and you need to be able to catch them in a matter of seconds, but because it forces you to see the essentials—the big form and strong gestures,” Hollerbach says. You’ll also discover that a line drawn quickly possesses an energy and beauty that’s absent from more slow and deliberate strokes.

Tips and techniques from Serge Hollerbach.

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