Eight Great Pastelists

“Many artists put the cart before the horse and they apply technique with such rigidity that it suffocates the art. Technique has to come out of the search for the art.”
                                                                            — Jimmy Wright

In celebration of a Pastel Journal milestone, in the June 2009 issue we debuted the 10th Anniversary “Artist Interview Series”—a series in which we reconnected with eight beloved pastelists who had been featured in the magazine over the years—with pieces on Jimmy Wright and Elizabeth Mowry. We’re pleased to now offer the entire series in one digital download, which includes those interviews with Wright and Mowry, plus more with Albert Handell, Daniel Greene, Fred Somers, Lois Gold, Sally Strand and Brennie Brackett (all pictured above, L-to-R). At $6.99, it’s an affordable treat!

The download is in PDF format, so you’ll need Adobe Reader (a free program, which you can download here).

Click here for the download, Eight Greats: The Pastel Journal’s 10th Anniversary Artist Interview Series.


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