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The Complete Watercolorist's Essential NotebookThe Complete Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook
By Gordon MacKenzie

Fine artists everywhere loved Gordon MacKenzie’s instruction when he came out with his first Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook. Combining painting techniques, tips for using materials, exercises to help understand everything from color to composition, and full painting demonstrations, Gordon led readers through everything they needed to know about watercolor, with his friendly and fun style.

Now, this special 10th-anniversary collection combines his two best-loved North Light watercolor guides available—The Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook and The Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook: Landscapes. Clarifying and simplifying the various aspects of painting with watercolor, Gordon MacKenzie’s The Complete Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook will encourage and challenge you with possibilities.

Rather than a list of rules, this is a collection of principles, concepts and general information designed to expand your creative process. Mackenzie shares with you tips, techniques, ideas and lessons for a sure path to creative fulfillment and better watercolor paintings.

Mask highlights in your water and paint in your scene.

When the paint is dry, rub off the mask, spray the whole water area, then soften some of the highlight areas with a hog-hair scrub brush (being consistent in the direction on your scrubbing). This will give the highlights extra sparkle.

When you have finished scubbing as many of the highlights as you want, pour off the water and blot the surface with a paper towel.

About the Author
Gordon MacKenzie has been a popular artist and teacher for more than 30 years and has mounted more than 25 solo exhibitions. His work hangs in many private and corporate collections and has been featured on the cover of Reader’s Digest. He lives in Ontario, Canada.

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