Files and Files of Inspiration

Unlike most artists, I don’t leave my sketchbooks intact. Instead I rip out the pages and file the sketches under various headings in a cabinet I keep in my studio. I’m primarily a landscape painter, so I have file folders for various plants, animals and other landscape elements, as well as folders for specific places I’ve visited. When I need to find a certain sketch or need a reference for painting a certain subject, I don’t have to waste time paging through several sketchbooks. I simply go straight to the right file.

Arlene Larison
Goldendale, WA

Junko Ono Rothwell was born in Yamaguchi, Japan. I studied traditional calligraphy with sumi-e ink when I was in elementary school, but the art classes in Japan are like the art classes in this country—working in crayons and watercolor and looking primarily at Western-style painting. A signature member of the Pastel Society of Japan and a master pastelist of the Pastel Society of America, Rothwell lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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