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Continuing the journey of the original  Dreamscapes, artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law explores more legends of the sea, sky and earth in her latest book, Dreamscapes Myth & Magic: Create Legendary Creatures and Characters in Watercolor. Here’s a little peek at what you’ll find inside…

Painting the Daytime Sky

Sun is pure light and a lack of shadow in the sky. Be sure to take advantage of the white of the paper to create highlights and to let the sunlight glow on the page.

Splatter rubbing alcohol on the surface to create a nebulous base for the clouds that you can refine into wispy drifts. You could also lift out the white areas with a wet paper towel.




Cerulean Blue
Naples Yellow
½-inch (12mm) flat
no. 2 round
Paper towels
Rubbing alcohol

1. Lay In Color and Add Texture

The sun itself is the brightest, so be sure to leave it white. With a ½-inch (12mm) flat, wet everything except for the sun, and then paint wet-into-wet Naples Yellow around the sun, fading to Cerulean Blue. Splatter with rubbing alcohol to create texture.

2. Sketch In the Clouds

Using the irregularities created by the rubbing alcohol, sketch in rough towering cumulus cloud shapes.

3. Define the Clouds

With a no. 2 round and Cerulean Blue, paint in shadows to define the cloud shapes, enhancing the irregularities created by the rubbing alcohol.

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