Free Friday Download: Layering Acrylics

Darner/Birch (acrylic, 16×20) by Rick Pas

Whether he’s going for the delicate dust of a dragon?y’s wing against a gravely creek bed or a bumpy wood frog atop the rough bark of a fallen log, Rick Pas captures these textural contrasts in rich and realistic detail.

Read about Pas in Acrylic Artist, our new special issue featuring acrylics instruction and inspiration. Plus, Pas shows you how to create a shimmering surface by layering color glazes step by step—download your free copy of the full-length feature on the artist by clicking here.

Another bonus: Get 10% off almost everything in our online shop—including Acrylic Artist—through Oct. 2! Enter coupon code FALL2010 to redeem. Enjoy!


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