Great Tips for Getting Started in Pastel

I added a post last week about the Wet Canvas! online artist community; today I want to point out why this is such a valuable resource. The mission of this community is to be a place where artists of all types and skill levels can share knowledge, experiences and opinions. So, you’ll find a great many posts that simply ask for feedback on works-in-progress. You’ll also find a lot of problems and solutions, questions about product, business matters, and in one thread–started last month by our own contributing writer Deborah Secor–you’ll find pages of helpful advice aimed at beginners to pastel: tips about materials, dealing with dust, testing colors, framing options, and much much more. What a wonderful opportunity to learn from others’ experiments, mistakes and successes–and then put the knowledge to work in your own painting. Check it out; chances are–even if you’ve been at this awhile–you’ll learn something. And hopefully you’ll be inspired to share some of your own lessons-learned as well.

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2 thoughts on “Great Tips for Getting Started in Pastel

  1. Mikki Petersen

    Anne, I joined Wet Canvas back in 2001 and owe my growth and persistence as a pastellist largely to this community. Not only is it a wonderful place to learn and get feedback about works in progress, it’s a virtual community of other artists offering support and encouragement. Over the years, I’ve made a number of friends that have become friends in person. Living in a rural area, I did not have contact with other artists. Joining Wet Canvas and posting my work there gave me renewed confidence in my ability. During times of low energy and enthusiasm, I can count on this community to understand and keep me "plugged in" to the world of artmaking.


  2. Deborah Secor

    Anne, thanks for giving everyone a link to this thread (which is what we call a discussion on WC) devoted to what a newbie to pastels wants to know. I started the discussion but once people get there they’ll realize that there are literally dozens of people answering the questions asked about how to get started in soft pastels! That’s one of the things about WC that is so great–the people there are so willing to share and help.

    I also want to remind our International friends that they can get help and advice on materials from all over the world at WC, so it isn’t just Americans. In fact, just today I was catching up with some friends from Australia (Oz, as they call it), the UK, and the Netherlands!

    So I hope people come and join the fun…