Heide Presse: Time Travel

There’s something about the character of older things that engages my imagination. I refer to them as my props, but they’re more than that. I like having remnants of the past around me in our home, and they happen to make wonderful additions to my paintings as well.

Amen (watercolor, 19×22)

The images I paint weave a story of the people and places that are most important to me, and sprinkled throughout these images are the objects that I love to collect. Many of my paintings depict other eras, but mostly I take my favorite elements of the past and blend them with the present. I enjoy going to an antique flea market and hunting for things that pique my interest, and if something interests me then one day it’s sure to find a place in one of my paintings.

In Full Bloom (watercolor, 19×30)

My palette consists of Naples yellow light, cadmium yellow, raw sienna, quinacridone sienna, scarlet lake, alizarin crimson, rose madder (for skin tones), cobalt violet, Prussian blue, cerulean blue, sap green and olive green. Although these two greens are there on my palette, they’re usually dried up because I so rarely use them. I prefer to mix my own greens. In addition, I use titanium white casein for touching up the white areas when needed and for adding some body to the watercolors when I’m drybrushing.

The Leaf Collectors (watercolor, 24×13)

With so many things in the modern world to make us uncomfortable, I want my art to provide a feeling of serenity. I like to capture the small, intimate moments of life—and of life gone by—and when people view my work I’d like them to be reminded of the wondrous world we’ve been blessed with. We all should be reminded of this, and I hope to help us slow down and take the time to enjoy it.

Timothy C. Tyler, of Bella Vista, Arkansas, is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America and a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists and Portrait Society of America. He teaches at the Scottsdale Artists School and the Loveland Academy of Fine Art. He’s represented by Fountainside Gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina; Morris and Whiteside in Hilton Head, South Carolina; Galerie Kornye West in Fort Worth, Texas; and Sherwoods Gallery in Houston, Texas.

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