How to Draw a Simple Trinity Knot in 6 Steps

Learn to draw a trinity knot with this simple step by step from Cari Buziak’s Calligraphy Magic.

How to Draw a Simple Trinity Knot in 6 Steps

1 Sketch a dividing line, putting a dot to the lower left and lower right, and at the top.

Draw a fat arc starting at the top dot, arcing to the right of the divider, and over to the lefthand dot.

3 Draw another arc from the top dot, down to the left of the divider, and
over to the righthand dot.

4 Join the left and right dots together with an arc that bows upward in the middle. This completes the basic outside shape of the trinity knot.

Now draw a second trinity knot line on the inside of your first line. Keep the width even throughout.

6 Weave your overs and unders to complete. Study the knot above and see which intersecting lines from Step 5 need to be erased. Fill in with a color of your choice.



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