Hugh Greer: The Right Stuff

I like to use acrylics, which can be opaque or transparent, applied in layers of thin washes that allow each preceding color to influence the layers on top of them. These paints are fast-drying and considered to be a “hard-edged” medium. So I use a variety of techniques?including fingerpainting, working wet-into-wet and drybrushing?to obtain soft edges.

I use a simplified palette of five paints: diarylide yellow, quinacridone magenta, anthraquinone blue and cerulean blue, plus titanium white. I also tools such as a bridge, proportional dividers, a ruling pen and tracing paper.

Mark Gottsegen is an associate professor of art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and chair of the American Society of Testing and Materials subcommittee on artists? materials.

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