Let’s Change the Subject

On the Pastel Pointers blog post, artist Richard McKinley talks about the value of working, at least some degree, in all of the main art subject areas of landscape, still life and art, for there is something to be learned in each. “A wise instructor,” writes McKinley, “passed this thought on to me many years ago: To
learn value relationships, it’s the still life; to draw, it’s the
portrait; and to become sensitive to color, it’s the landscape. Each
has something to offer. Practice them often and then paint your
passions!” To prove he does his homework, McKinley inluded an image of one of his portrait drawings. Check out the full story, and other pieces of advice and commentary, at http://pastelpointersblog.artistsnetwork.com.

shadowplay_web.jpgApparently on the same wavelength, pastelist Maggie Price, best known for her landscapes, recently posted on her Artblog about her latest explorations outside the area of landscape. She writes: “I often mention in my workshops that I believe it’s good for artists to
push out of their comfort zones. If you always paint in a horizontal
format, try a vertical now and then. If you usually paint very large,
try something very small. And if you always paint landscapes—well,
maybe it’s time to change the subject.” She recently decided to take her own advice, and has painted a few pastels that introduce figural, animal and still life elements into her work. See, for example, Shadowplay, pictured here. To read her entire post, and see a second example, vist her blog at www.maggiepriceart.com/artblog.

Then, how about challenging yourself to push outside your own comfort zone this week? You may be surprised what you can learn; it might even be something that you can apply directly to the subject area you generally favor.

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