More Digital Tips from Maggie Price

In the August 2009 issue of The Pastel Journal, Maggie Price offers advice on how to get the results you want out of the juried exhibition experience. Here’s another free sample of her advice regarding preparing digital images for entry:

  • It can be helpful to set the painting where you can see it and your computer monitor at the same time.
  • Remember that the goal is to make the digital image as close to the painting as possible; don’t make changes to the digital image unless they are to match the painting.
  • Refer to the show prospectus requirements regarding the size of the image. Generally, they will specify the pixel length of the longest side of the image and the dpi (dots per inch) resolution.
  • Your photo software may give you the option of setting this and the dpi under a “save as” function. If not, refer to your software manual or help file to find out how to set these specifications.
  • Finally, save your file with a name as specified in the show prospectus. Check the prospectus for the required file format (usually .jpg, rather than .tiff or .eps or .gif) and save the file in that format.
  • Copy the final image onto a CD for submission or e-mail it according to the show requirements.

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