Take a New Approach to Colored Pencil

Masterful Color
Vibrant Colored Pencil Paintings Layer by Layer

by Arlene Steinberg
A painting major in college, artist Arlene Steinberg got hooked on colored pencils for their versatility, lack of mess and vibrancy. And now she paints with colored pencils using techniques from the Masters, techniques that are usually reserved for oil and acrylic painters.

Masterful Color is loaded with instruction on how to layer colored pencil colors effectively to create deep, vibrant colors that exude richness. By starting with a tonal underpainting, using grayed complementary colors, and layering local color on top, you will create rich shadows that add depth and dimension to your paintings.

Demonstrations of various underpainting combinations as well as exercises on color, value and composition lay the groundwork. Then follow along with subject-specific demos on topics such as backlit glass, colorful reflections, fabric and cut crystal to learn how the various techniques are applied. An extended demonstration helps you put it all together, leading you step by step through the entire painting process.
“Pull up a comfortable chair, sharpen your pencils and start drawing like a Master!”
–Arlene Steinberg

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