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B_Way_TwoOfAKind.jpgIn the February issue of the magazine (“Creative Spark,” in the Art Matters column, page 7), pastel artist Carole Katchen offered readers a Creative Spark challenge: generate visual energy by developing an entire painting with a certain type of stroke. We invited readers to e-mail us with their stroke-inspired creations.

How surprised our team was by the increase in responses since the first challenge; our inbox was flooded with excellent work! Congratulations to Becky Way, of Yukon, Okla., for her winning piece, Two of a Kind (above). “Two of a Kind is a small study, painted with the ‘chunk-chunk’ stroke with half-inch pieces of Ludwig pastels on Kitty Wallis paper, toned with a watercolor wash. It’s a quick push-and-pull stroke,” the artist writes. Way can look forward to some more Wallis paper—her prize is 16 (18×24) sheets of Wallis’ Belgian Mist and Museum paper. Many thanks to Kitty Wallis for her generosity!

Other favorite submissions include Warm & Cool (below, left) by Lisa Fricker, of Lakeport, Calif., in which the artist “experimented with crosshatched strokes to move beyond filling contours, exploring the painting vs. drawing issue that is unique to pastel.” In Turning Point (below, right), by Barbara Newton, the artist “was thinking of wind and movement. The strokes I chose to portray that feeling are loose, open and random to give the feeling of rustling leaves and swaying grass.”

L_Fricker_O.P.jpg   B_Newton.jpg

More favorites (below, L-to-R): Le Petit Dejouner de Blu by Brenda Boylan, Sadie by Carol Murphy and Carbon by Maret Webb.
B_Boylan.jpg  C_Murphy.jpg  M_Webb_Carbon.jpg

Thanks to everyone who participated in our challenge. Look for the next Creative Spark in the April issue of the magazine—coming soon (on sale on newsstands March 11). The winner of that challenge will receive $150 worth of PanPastels.

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3 thoughts on “New Creative Spark Winner

  1. Jeanne Guerin-Daley

    I have been creating art for many years but have just recently started playing around with pastels in a serious way. I LOVE THEM! I’m a painter, primarily who uses acrylics for now. (A mom of four teenagers, I’m still very much a full-time mom and my studio area is very close to the kitchen. Don’t want oil and turp fumes near the food! maybe someday I will return to oils!)

    Lately I’ve been on an experimenting binge:

    I’ve been playing with: in particular,
    -acrylic paints
    -cyanotype mono-prints
    -colored pencils
    -and pastels

    I have to say, I think I’ve found a new love in pastels!

    They are SO rich in color and intensity, and so fast! There is no picking the right brush, no mixing with medium, they’re never too thick or too watery.
    They are just what they are: COLOR!

    As I said, am just beginning to experiment
    I am looking forward to how this site can educate me as to technique, tips,…
    I will look forward to the April competition.
    Also, I want to congratulate Becky Way on such awesome accomplishment! Becky, I just love the way your pears just sit there, hovering in the pastel world of space! Bravo! (I hope to create something half as good someday!) I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future!