New Issue!

The August 2009 issue of The Pastel Journal ships to subscribers this week, but you can also order a copy online. Here’s what to expect:


Degas & Whistler
By Tamera Lenz Muente
We celebrate the 175th anniversary of the births of these two art
masters with a special feature that looks at their lives,
ground-breaking pastels and sometimes thorny friendship.

Pioneering Spirit
By Robert K. Carsten
In the third installment of our “Artist Interview Series,” Daniel E.
Greene walks us through the back stories of 10 of his exceptional
pastels from a career that spans four decades.

Red Tree, Blue Tree
By Bob Rohm
Every artist who wants to paint landscapes with vitality has to learn
how to handle the greens. Find out, in this step-by-step demonstration,
how stretching the range of color can help.

Reaching for Peace
By Deborah Secor
Pastel artist Lynn Goldstein approaches an enduring and majestic
subject—trees—from a unique vantage point, creating a fresh and
compelling series of pastels.

Earth and Sky
By Michael Chesley Johnson
Mixed-media artist Elissa Gore combines oil pastel and watercolor to
great effect in her quiet, panoramic landscapes that celebrate the
light and the land.

A Touch of Magic
By Anne Hevener
In the fourth installment of our “Artist Interview Series,” Albert
Handell describes his pastel application technique, an approach that’s
color- and value-sensitive.

Art Matters
By Anne Hevener
A group of artists reach new heights in the search for inspiration. Plus, your summer reading list, and more.

In Detail
By Albert Handell
In this in-depth look at a painting, ?nd out how subtlety makes a powerful impression.

Professional Practices
By Maggie Price
Entering juried exhibitions is an opportunity for recognition and
evaluation. Make sure you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Pastel Pointers
By Richard McKinley
If you want to create harmonious color in your painting, then learn how to maximize the power of gray and other visual effects.

Creative Spark
By Lynn Goldstein
Take a second look by painting a favorite subject from a new vantage point.

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