Notes from North Light: Mixing Colors With Pastels

Award-winning pastel artist and author Bev Lee knows the secret to creating lively, exciting pastel paintings is through creative mixing and layering. Read on for Bev’s tips on creating beautiful color combinations in your painting:

When painting a portrait, look for places where you can use mixed colors. Pastel can be layered as heavily or as lightly as you choose to mix the colors. You can also lay colors next to each other, or crosshatch them to achieve exciting results.

Mixing Greens
Green is probably the easiest color to mix. There are so many shades of blue and yellow to work with, the sky is the limit, which is great because there is such a variety of green in nature. Tread lightly when adding a third color, but a hint of orange or light warm brown added to a green mixture can make some nice shades of olive and neutral green.

To discover more mixing tricks and techniques, check out Bev’s book Painting Children: Secrets to Capturing Childhood Moments.

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