Paint Radiant Oils

Radiant Oils
by Arleta Pech
Bring new life to your paintings using transparent glazing. Step by step and layer by layer, Radiant Oils will show you how to use this classic approach to infuse your work with radiant color, exquisite texture and a breathtaking sense of light. Follow along with Arleta, building glaze upon glaze, to create magnificent cherries, blueberries, sweet peas, roses, daisies, apples, grapes, magnolia, cut crystal and more.

•    5 simple studies focus on using glazes to evoke a wide variety of realistic still life textures—fruits, flowers, silver, glass and more
•    5 full-length demonstrations focus on four key elements for creating realistic results: using a full range of values, drawing accurate shapes, painting the colors you see, and using a variety of edges
•    Arleta shows you everything, from prepping painting surfaces and selecting colors, to artfully composing light and shadow
•    Plus, she devotes an entire chapter to painting strong complementary backgrounds for realistic, fluid compositions

Use these same easy-to-master techniques to capture the magic of any subject that calls to you. Your paintings will have a depth and complexity of color unachievable with any other method!

“When you use only transparent colors, each glaze stands alone, shimmering and clean with a glow that catches the eye, even in a dimly lit room.”
–Arleta Pech

BONUS TIP –exclusively yours from Arleta!
With transparent glazing there are no rules except to let each layer of paint completely dry before you apply another glaze. So you can block in any subject with three values using transparent colors, and then blend edges for a soft round look or leave hard edges for a strong light pattern.

These two examples show how I applied the paint on a single pink petal, and then the final block in on the entire pink rose.

I used Alizarin Crimson for the dark value crevice, Rose Madder Genuine for the mid value area, and Rose Dore for the lightest pink value, and then left the white of the canvas as the highlight.

I then blended the paint colors.

The blended petals.

With glazing you can do multicolored glazes or just one color glaze, and then blend to create value change. It’s a fun way to create realism.

Once the entire painting is finished (see painting at top of article: “Sitting in Time” 18 x 30 oil on canvas), I’ll be posting it to my web site at
I hope you enjoy this extra painting tip.
Arleta Pech


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