Portrait Pointers

To improve your ability to draw a face or head, reduce it to its most basic shapes by observing these simple rules:

1. Determine if the shape of the head is predominantly square, round or triangular, and draw that shape.

2. Next, draw the shape of the mass of hair (or absence of it). “The character of a head starts with the shape of a face combined with the mass and shape of hair,” says internationally known artist Serge Hollerbach.

3. Divide the head into three equal parts. The upper third contains the forehead, while the eyebrows will fall around the first dividing line. In the middle sector, place the ears, eyes and nose. The nose will end at or near the second line. Finally, the lowest segment will contain the mouth, chin and top of the neck.

4. Avoid the common mistake of drawing oval-shaped eyes, and pay attention to the actual eye shape.

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