Drawing Portraits From the Inside Out

Learn Danel E. Greene’s method for getting a likeness—a likeness based upon the proper proportioning of the facial features—in his recent instructional video. To begin, Greene divides the head/face vertically. Next, he establishes the general features of the nose, and works his way out from there. He calles this approach “drawing from the inside out.”

Although he generally uses one main model for his demonstrations, Greene uses several models here—each of whom enters individually and then exits the scene en cue, to show you how his approach to vertical alignment works with a variety of faces. He also brings in drawings by the great masters of the past to show you how they used the same method. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced artist, you’ll surely appreciate this VHS tape.

Butch Krieger is an artist and instructor based in Port Angeles, Washington.

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