Studio Basics with Adrian Gottlieb

Studio Basics with Adrian Gottlieb

Adrian Gottlieb’s Studio Basics

1. Control the lighting. Ideally, have your primary light source be tall windows facing north. A skylight is good, as well, but whatever you choose to go with, make sure the light is coming from one direction.

2. Paint your walls a dark but pleasant color to control reflected lights.

3. Make the ceilings tall. When natural light isn’t lighting up your painting, you’ll need a tall ceiling to hang the color-balanced fluorescent boxes at a sufficient height so they don’t cause distracting glares on the work in progress.

4. Have enough room to back away from your painting. Consider that you need to be able to step back at least three times the greatest height or width of your painting to have a chance of taking in the whole impression.

5. Have model stands and podiums at varying heights and of several sizes.

6. Get a solid H-frame easel that can hold many different sizes of painting surfaces. H-frames are particularly important in that they enable you to stand your paintings upright.

7. Fill a bookshelf with books of art—the works of as many historically and personally relevant artists as possible. High-quality reproductions in a large variety of styles are crucial.

8. Maintain order. It’s easy to let a studio fall apart in the course of work, but nothing breaks up the creative flow quite like not being able to find the last place you left your palette knife, and then your yellow ochre, etc.

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