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“A Really Big Show,” a letter from the Editor:

Some months ago I received a letter, via Facebook, from McCrystle Wood, a sculptor, painter and professor of fine art, who asked me to reconsider the rules of our competitions, which had denied entry to works generated by a computer. Printing Wood’s letter (July/August 2011) inspired a flinty exchange whose embers will no doubt be rekindled by “Turning In (Virtual) Space,” Wood’s account of how and why she turned to a computer and 3D modeling (no photography involved) to create art of a radiant intricacy. Traditional art with its lovely mess of materials is, of course, on display in this issue, as well. Take a look at David Hettinger’s painterly evocations of pastoral landscapes in oil, and learn how he proceeds directly from concept to canvas in “Orchestrating Reality.” Sheldon Tapley’s still lifes in oil and pastel (“Master of the Not-So-Still Still Life”) start with setups in natural light; in contrast, Jeannie McGuire’s evocative portraits in watercolor (“Beyond the Likeness”) start with a photograph. Garry Kaye looks out his window and, by way of Photoshop and a grid, records incredibly detailed landscapes in acrylic (“The World in One Square Inch”). And, as drawing from life is fundamental, Sadie Valeri guides you toward rendering accurate proportions by starting with straight lines (Drawing Board).

We always try to give you, as Ed Sullivan would have put it, “a really big show”—something, in other words, for everyone. Although we put it together, it’s your magazine. Keep telling us what you think! You can reach us at ~ Maureen Bloomfield

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Sheldon Tapley: Master of the Not-So-Still Still Life
Controlling the Light in an Urban Studio: read how Sheldon Tapley, who always works in natural light, arranges shades and supplemental light bulbs.

Garry Kaye’s Studio Setup and More
Take a peek at featured artist Kaye’s easel, monitor and grid setup; plus learn more about his palette and color choices.

The Origin of Still Life
Read Daniel Brown’s short history of the influence of the Dutch burghers and the rise of a business class on this genre.

Additional Tips About Giclées
Don’t miss the article “Can You Say Giclée?” from our May 2008 issue.

Exclusive Excerpt
Check out this special preview of the beautiful book Van Eyck to Dürer: The Influence of Early Netherlandish Painting on European Art, 1430-1530.

Supply Cabinet
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Competition Spotlight
View the winning paintings of the 28th Annual Art Competition.

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