Thinking of building a website?

I know a lot of you blog readers are Web-savvy types, but if you’re thinking of building a website to promote your work, check out this excerpt from our March 2008 article “Top of the Web.” We outline seven things you need to think about before you start uploading.

For example:

Take a field trip. Spend some time online and make notes about what sites you like and what sites you don’t. Make sure to note what it is you like about each site. Do you like the color palette of a particular site? The way the navigation is structured on another? Does it annoy you how long it takes a certain site to load? All this information will help your Web designer create a design you love.

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4 thoughts on “Thinking of building a website?

  1. Clint Watson

    Those are great web site tips, it’s great to know what to do, but also useful to know what to AVOID, you might also want to peruse our recently posted article:

    The 10 Most Annoying Artist Website Mistakes

    It’s at the following URL, you’ll probably have to cut and paste the URL as the comment system doesn’t allow HTML:

    THanks for the great blog!