Tip file: DIY drawing board

From Don Dennis in our May/June 1984 issue:

A sturdy, lightweight drawing board can be made from two pieces of corrugated cardboard. Glue them together with the ridges running in opposite directions. Trim the board to a size that’s 1/2 inch larger than the paper you’re using, and then bind the edges with packing tape. Secure your paper to the board with four strong paper clamps.

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4 thoughts on “Tip file: DIY drawing board

  1. Erin Dennis

    I think you might want to check that link. The tip you quoted I believe might have been suggested by Don W. Dennis of Ohio, a renowned watercolorist that taught workshops to many of your readers, and was featured in your magazine once or twice over the years.

    He passed away about 5 years ago, and our family is working on archiving his collection, and would be interested in hearing from students and buyers of his work.

  2. Nita Leland

    If you do this, be sure to use acid-free cardboard or seal it with shellac or varnish. Corrugated cardboard has high acid content and can damage your watercolor papers as the acids leach into the wet paper. A better lightweight solution would be corrugated plastic, I think. Some of my students use this. They bought it from a sign-maker at a reasonable price.