Tip file: Donating art

From Cathy Johnson, in the February 1995 issue of The Artist’s Magazine:

Donating your work is a good way to help a worthy cause and use your art for a noble purpose, but be prudent. Make sure it’s to a cause you really believe in and an organization you trust. And don’t donate your inferior pieces; if a work isn’t good enough to sell, it’s not good enough to give away, either.

And that reminds me of the Artist-Museum Partnership Act. Whatever happened to that? Well, it seems to have died in committee each of the last few years it’s been introduced. The act would allow artists, writers and composers to use the appraised value of the donated work as a tax deduction. Right now, you can only deduct the cost of the materials. It’s been introduced in the House and Senate again this year. Here’s hoping the 111th Congress does something with it.

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