Tip File: Finding a Virtual Gallery

In the September 2006 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, Michael Chesley Johnson wrote a feature article titled “Get on the Web,” which is a guide to putting your art online. Check out these links (which are included in the article) to learn about the variety of online galleries where you can promote your own art.

From the article:
“You might consider a virtual gallery. Technically, a virtual gallery offers support for displaying and selling your art; some galleries even charge a sales commission. Other outfits offer site-building capabilities, which just give you the tools to make your own stand-alone site. Both types often require only a few simple steps to get your art online. As always, check prices and contact the gallery owner before you buy.”
– Michael Chesley Johnson

To read the full article, including a list of virtual galleries, click here to purchase The Artist’s Magazine 2006 Annual CD.

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One thought on “Tip File: Finding a Virtual Gallery

  1. Eric Bossik

    There are plenty of free art gallery websites that artists can use to promote their artwork. Many of these online galleries offer the artist unlimited space to upload images, biographies and press releases. These sites also have some great social networking features.

    I’ve uploaded images of my paintings to many of these websites to get additional exposure. One of the better online galleries is Fine Art America, which also offers artists the opportunity to sell prints of their work. This is my personal gallery on the Fine Art America website: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/eric-bossik.html

    I also think it’s important to build your own website and spend time working to promote yourself. I make most of my income doing commissioned pet portraits, so I make an effort in getting exposure for my portraiture. I have gotten commissions from my own website as well as other websites that feature my paintings.