Tip File: Getting a digital image, without a digital camera (part 2)

Last Thursday the Tip File included the first of two blog posts on how to get a digital image without a digital camera, excerpted from the August 2004 issue of Artist’s Sketchbook, in which Maggie Price wrote an article on “Going Digital.” The following is an excerpt from the sidebar “What if you don’t have a digital camera?”

“If you don’t have a computer or digital camera, you can do a lot with a photocopier. Copy shops such as Kinko’s offer inexpensive, do-it-yourself copies. Use paper cropping L’s to isolate the desired image on the print and make an enlarged copy. Color copies may distort the color, often in very interesting ways. Black-and-white copies will give you a good reference for values. When you get your enlarged copies, you can draw a grid with a pen or pencil if you wish to check the position of different elements, or use the grid for ease in accurate placement on your working surface.”

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