Tip File: Selling Your Art to Support Your Habit

It’s nice to get paid to do what you love, especially if it’s
enough of a profit to actually cover your expenses. In the February 2005 issue of Artist’s Sketchbook, Michelle Taute had an article on “The Art of Marketing: How to support your creative passion by selling your art on the side.” Below is a sidebar with 12 of her marketing ideas that are still relevant today:

1. Sponsor a community event.

2. Host a studio party.

3. Donate some art to charity.

4. Barter your art for services.

5. Place an ad in the Yellow Pages.

6. Try to get an interview on your local radio station.

7. Enter a competition.

8. Take an interior designer to lunch.

9. Hang your paintings in a local cafe or restaurant.

10. Go to the arts council’s next open house.

11. Create a newsletter to send to clients.

12. Create greeting cards with your artwork.

Best of luck!

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