Tip file: Use negative space

From John Bickford, in the August 1993 issue of The Artist’s Magazine:

Drawing what “isn’t there” is often the best way to draw what is there more accurately. The voids, or empty spaces, around your subject can be the key to drawings that look like what you see. The next time you draw something, pay special attention to these “negative spaces”—the spaces not filled by the “positive” forms of the object you’re drawing.

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One thought on “Tip file: Use negative space

  1. Jeannine Cook

    You’re right – the negative spaces are just as interesting and important in composition/design as the positive ones, if not more important. If you work to the edges of your paper, those negative spaces become even more interesting and strong. Take a look at Japanese art – there is a mastery of negative space that warrants much study.