Tip File: Using the Grid System for Your Drawings

The following is an excerpt from a Drawing Board article by Butch Krieger in the November 2007 issue of The Artist’s Magazine.

1. If you’re new at using grids, use them only to transfer images at the same size. Wait until you’ve had a bit of practice to try to enlarge images with them.

2. At first use grids with smaller boxes (around 7/8″ squares), and then progress to larger ones. This way, if you wish, you can gradually “wean” yourself off grids.

3. Draw all your contour lines first and then add the shading. This is especially important when drawing the human figure.

Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts on the grid system!
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2 thoughts on “Tip File: Using the Grid System for Your Drawings

  1. Vanessa

    I always use a grid to start off my pieces and I find it helps a great deal. I never have to question how a shadow falls or the contours of an object or face. It’s definitely a technique that I tend to use more often than not. I only leave it out when I am doing rather impressionistic pieces.