Tip File: Using Your Sketchbook

The following is an excerpt from the June 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, from an article titled “Draw, Doodle and Dream” by Carl Purcell.

Sketchbook Tips

• Create the sketchbook habit. Your camera cannot record how you feel about a subject.

• Use your sketchbook to expand your knowledge and understanding of things around you.

• Your visual mind is like a savory stew. Drawing is the only way to add ingredients.

• The camera records too much. Your sketch records only what is important to you.

• Know your intent. What do you want to gain from this drawing? What do you want to say with the drawing?

• Picture the subject as a drawing – then draw!

To read the entire article on using your sketchbook to expand your understanding of the structures in the world around you, click here and order The Artist’s Magazine‘s June 2008 issue.


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