Tip File: Ways to Maximize Your Next Drawing Class (part 1)

The following is an excerpt from the July 2005 issue of Drawing Board, from an article titled “Group Therapy” by Greg Albert.

Tips to Maximize Your Next Drawing Class (part 1)

• Although you don’t need to do anything to get ready for a drawing class—except acquire the needed supplies and equipment—a great way to prepare yourself is to read a good magazine on art technique or even browse through a few books on figure drawing from your local bookstore or library.

• Don’t compare your work to your classmates’ and get discouraged. You might be looking at the work of a student who has drawn for 10 years. If you’re having one of those days where every drawing is a disappointment, keep in mind that practice is beneficial no matter what your opinion is of the results. A teacher once said, “Your first thousand drawings are going to be awful, so the sooner you get them finished, the sooner you’ll be doing good work.”

• Don’t skip any class sessions if you can avoid it. Regular attendance develops consistency and discipline and honors your teacher and classmates—they’re learning from you, too.


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