Tip File: Ways to Maximize Your Next Drawing Class (part 2)

The following is an excerpt from the July 2005 issue of Drawing Board, from an article titled “Group Therapy” by Greg Albert.

Tips to Maximize Your Next Drawing Class (part 2)

• Once you start a drawing, commit yourself to finishing it. Don’t practice giving up; practice seeing it through. Often a drawing’s middle phase is the most discouraging. Work through it.

• Practice between classes, even for only 10 minutes. Keep sketchbooks handy, and when you have a spare moment make little sketches of people from memory, no matter how crude the results may seem. By the time you fill one sketchbook, you’ll see an encouraging improvement. You’ll be amazed at how much “talent” regular practice will reveal.

• Write a date on some of your work and save it in a sturdy portfolio so that periodically you can review your progress.

• Copy the figure drawings of the great masters between drawing sessions. Along with drawing from life, copying the work of artists you admire is a great way to sharpen your eye. Drawing Lessons From the Great Masters by Robert Hale (Watson-Guptill Publications) is a recommended source.


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