Warren’s Top Watercolor Techniques

warrentipsstrawberryLearn Soon Warren’s to get her favorite painting techniques you’ll be able to use every time you paint in watercolor. You’ll get helpful information on choosing your materials and supplies, and then you’ll work along with Soon to see how those paint properties can be used and adapted to your subject. You’ll learn the properties of staining vs. non-staining pigments along with the ways you can lift color from the page; wet-into-wet and wet-on-dry brushstrokes, and much, much more. Learn how to mix, blend and layer colors to build dimension and form, and create a sense of realism to your still lifes and other subjects.

You’ll love Soon’s easy-to-follow lessons, which our readers have rated with 5-stars, whether you’re just starting out, or have taken a break from painting and are getting back into it. With her kindly manner and steady delivery, the lessons balance the kind of quality step-by-step instruction you want from an art instructor with several smaller demonstrations you’ll be itching to try yourself.


Preview Top Vibrant Watercolor Techniques now to learn:

  • wet-into-wet and wet-into-dry watercolor techniques
  • how to use flat and graded washes both separately and in combination
  • how to layer and blend watercolor right on the paper
  • how to create different textures and effects, from painting tree bark to using masking fluid, salt and plastic wrap

Then, visit Soon’s page at ArtistsNetwork.tv to get the full materials list and see the full-length video of Top Vibrant Watercolor Techniques, as well as her other videos on painting in watercolor.

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